birth name lee., kyungtak alias trigger // agent #8 date of birth may 4 birth place cheonan, kr position sharpshooter project wonder status inactive personality Chaotic good

basic timeline:

- 06.01.2016 // united nations drafts up concept for an elite taskforce entitled project z; the last line of defense when police and military forces are overpowered.

- 12.30.2016 // project z scrapped with the rise of growing/capable technology, though confidental documentation is filed away for safekeeping.

[36 year gap; still brainstorming things to put here]

- 05.04.2052 // lee kyungtak is born in a quiet district situated south east of cheonan, south korea. an only child, he's raised with mischief in his veins and adventure in his heart.

[ 17 year gap; still brainstorming things to put here]

- 10.31.2069 // halloween. cheonan is hit by a riot led by criminal organization '____'. homes and businesses are raided and cheonan falls under criminal tyranny. kyungtak's family loses their business and his father travels abroad to work, leaving behind kyungtak and his mother.

- 02.14.2070 // kyungtak infiltrates ______'s headquarters under the guise as a potential recruit. worked as a spy for the next ten months as assigned by south korean police.

- 12.25.2070 // christmas. kyungtak and south korean police take down _____'s organization and recovers stolen hardware and software taken from key tech organizations and research facilities.

- 05.04.2071 // kyungtak's 19th birthday, receives notice that he is accepted into the united nation's taskforce training program.

- 06.01.2071 // leaves home and travels to switzerland to train. excels in marksmanship and tech development. during his training period, he ranks first in sharpshooter training and is actively providing quality feedback and assurance to the united nation's tech research and development team.

- 09.26.2071 // the first and only tester for the teleportation wristwatch.

- 09.27.2071 // training headquarters attacked by terrorist organization '____'. 20 people murdered, 56 critically injured, all tech and confidential records either stolen or destroyed. united nations reacts by reforming project z, renaming it to project wonder and actively starts to recruit.

- 01.01.2072 // new year's day. kyungtak is the 8th active agent inducted into project wonder, side-by-side with his best friend ______.

[4 year gap, brainstorming battles to put here, conspiracy within the group, etc. ]

- year 2075 // project wonder disbands as ruled by the united nations. all activities under the project wonder name is deemed illegal and all agents return to civilization.

- year 2079 [present day] // 4 years since disbandment, currently working as a convenience store manager. tbc...

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